How to Become an ABC School

Steps to Becoming a Successful ABC School

Thank you for your interest to become an ABC Certified School. Please be patient as this page is under construction. Below is an overview but we invite you to return after August 1, 2021 for more information and detailed guidance.

ABC Certified Schools are unique in that arts education is not only appreciated but valued as central to the school’s vision of student development. Being an ABC School is a certification process, determined by its commitments of practice, not a grant application. Only ABC Certified Schools are eligible for ABC Advancement Grants, provided through the South Carolina Arts Commission (SCAC). There are several funding opportunities at the SCAC to support equitable access to quality arts education, ABC Certification (and consequently ABC Advancement Grant eligibility) is only one.

Each school’s journey to ABC Certification is unique. However, any school interested in seeking certification is encouraged to thoroughly investigate the 2020 ABC Certification Guidelines and Application . After August 1, 2021 any revisions to the guidelines and application process will be published and appear on this page. If you seek guidance to begin your journey or how to pursue certification, please contact us.