How to Become an ABC Site

13 Steps to Becoming a Successful ABC Site

ABC Project is currently undergoing an internal review that will result in modifications to grant guidelines. Therefore, applications for ABC Advancement grants will resume January 2021.

Arts in Basic Curriculum (ABC) Advancement Grants are funded by the SC Arts Commission. The grants support ongoing comprehensive planning, strategic projects and implementation of standards-based arts education initiatives.

Funds may be used for arts materials, equipment, professional development, field trips, artist-in-residence programs and other activities as defined by the school’s strategic arts education plan.

Contact the ABC Project

To set up an initial meeting with key arts and classroom teachers and administration to discuss the intent of the school arts education plan.

Contact SCAC County Coordinator

To create a partnership. ABC grants are funded through the SC Arts Commission. The ABC grant is a three year cycle, but awarded on an annual basis. The contract is for one fiscal year - July to June. In the two years schools are not applying, grantees are awarded the amount based on their initial grant award and the availability of funds.

If the SCAC budget is reduced or increased, the award could be reduced or increased. A final report is submitted yearly documenting spending of funds and progress of strategic plan.

Cultivate Support

Build awareness and commitment for arts education within the school community, including parents.

Identify & Engage Partners

- District and school administrators
- District and school arts educators
- School board members
- School or district grant writing committee
- Parents, grandparents
- PTA/PTO representative
- Classroom teachers

Form a Strategic Arts Steering Committee

For the school from school community including parents and students and the cultural community.

Attend the Arts Education Leadership Institute

Attend the Arts Education Leadership Institute (AELI) in July to write a five year strategic arts plan.

If not attending AELI, write a five year strategic arts education plan with assistance from the ABC Project.

Form a Grant Writing Team

Form a grant writing team to write the ABC grant. One team member becomes the grant manager.

Submit Strategic Plan

Submit the five year strategic arts education plan to local school board for approval.

Update School’s Budget

Make school budgetary decisions that reflect commitment to arts education.

Build staff in the arts adding disciplines not currently taught

Visit Local ABC Sites

Visit sites in region and state to see how each program is unique to each school.

Tailor a Standards Based Arts Education Program

Develop a comprehensive standards based arts education program tailored to the school population and needs.

Document Professional Development

These must be attended/led by teachers. On the ABC grant this refers to professional development offered outside of school/district concerning standards-based arts education, such as SC State Department of Education’s sponsored institutes and state and national conferences for arts education professionals.

ABC sites may apply to be on the waiting list for the free SCDE Summer Arts Institutes by contacting Cheryl Taylor.