Site & Grant Management

Every Site Appoints a Grant Manager

The grant manager coordinates residencies, field trips, purchases and works with the school/district grant coordinator to assure all funds are spent responsibly and submits final report in May yearly.

  • ABC Advancement grantee (known as ABC Sites) is expected to send representatives to Networking days during the school year to meet with colleagues from other current ABC sites and updates on arts education.
  • The ABC Project pays for two substitutes so administrators, classroom and arts teachers can attend networking meetings in the fall and spring yearly.
  • ABC grant funds can be used to provide travel and subs if more teachers wish to attend.
  • Team members who attend Networking days, professional development conferences and workshops are required to share information with the entire faculty and steering committee.
  • Principals are encouraged to join the ABC Peer to Peer Principals Network and attend Administrators meetings during the Fall and Spring Site meetings and the Arts Administrators meetings held twice a year in February and July.

How to Become an ABC Site Arts Education Strategic Plan