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The Greenville County School District serves 76,000 students across 51 elementary, 20 middle and 14 high schools. Greenville County is the largest school district in SC, 41st largest in the country and is the State leader in school choice. The district employees 305 fine arts teachers and arts administrators.

School artistic offerings include: band, strings, chorus, visual art, theatre, dance and creative writing. The district offers an after school gifted and talented arts program that serves 3rd-8th grade students. Artistically talented high school students can attend The Fine Arts Center where they are provided advanced arts instruction and an intensive pre-professional program of study. District arts focused schools and ABC sites include Stone Academy, League Academy, Woodmont Middle & The Fine Arts Center. The Greenville County School District became an ABC site with an arts centered focus in 2016 and adopted the following:

ABC Mission Statement:

Greenville County Schools will provide high-quality, equitable arts experiences for all students in collaboration with the home and community.

ABC Vision Statement:

The vision for Greenville County is to become a model district for arts education in South Carolina and the nation.

The arts play an integral role in Greenville County schools where students are recognized at the local, state and national level for their achievement within the arts. The district has developed strong partnerships with local community organizations that include: The Peace Center for the Performing Arts, The Music Club of Greenville, Warehouse Theatre, SC Children’s Theatre, ABC, Artisphere, Greenville Symphony, Rotary Club of Pleasantburg & Metropolitan Arts Council. The partnerships allow the district to work with outside agencies to provide high-quality, equitable arts experiences for all students.

The arts are alive and well both in the city of Greenville and in the Greenville County School District.

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